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  • Happy Plant Mix
    Happy Plant Mix

    Every plant's favorite drink: Water on the Rocks!

    Water takes over the energetic information (yes: superpowers!) of the minerals and gemstones and that has some pretty awesome effects on your UrbanJungle! Leaves the Rocks in the…

  • Bikini Body mix
    Bikini Body mix

    Yessss... hello Bikini Body! Red Jasper is a real activating gemstone which stimulates your metabolism and has a detoxing effect on your body. The Rock Crystal boosts the qualities of the Red Jasper. Rock Crystal will also…

  • Relax mix
    Relax mix

    Slow down darling! This gemstone water with Amethyst and Rock Crystal will help you to relax. Amethyst is known for giving you beautiful dreams and sense of relaxation. The Rock Crystal boosts the qualities of the Amethyst. Rock…

  • Bye bye Wrinkle mix
    Bye bye Wrinkle mix

    Oh yeah baby, let your face glow and say: bye bye Wrinkles! This unique mix of green Aventurine and Rock Crystal has a good effect on your skin. Aventurine stimulates a healthy cell division and regeneration of your skin. The Rock…

  • Happy Hangover mix
    Happy Hangover mix

    This is what you want after a party!! Feel better with this mix of green Chrysoprase and Rock Crystal. Chrysoprase has a detoxing effect on your body and stimulates the liver activity. The Rock Crystal boosts the qualities of the…

  • SET: Water on the Rocks
    SET: Water on the Rocks

    Glass tubes stuffed with goodness for your body. Drinking gemstone infused water fits in a happy and healthy lifestyle! Order this set and you will receive: Bikini Body * Happy Hangover * Relax* Bye bye Wrinkle!

    How to make your…

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