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Amazing gemstones for your house or office and the perfect gifts: goodlooking and meaningful. In a light and playful way you’ll learn about the powers of the Rocks. RCK is the Dutch Jewellery brand of Rockstyle: statement earrings and meaningful bracelets. Feel beautiful inside and out.
Linda and Eline are creating these unique items for years now and have customers around the globe. Quality, customer service and cool products are very important to us and that’s why Rockstyle is unique and sold worldwide. Are you ready to Rock?!


  • Room + Pillow Spray Smudge ( 4  stuks)
    Room + Pillow Spray Smudge ( 4 stuks)

    Easy Breezy: Smudge! We're truly mega fans of these delightful, natural Room & Pillow Sprays!

    In addition to the previous 2 variants, there's now a 'Smudge Spray' to cleanse the space of negative energy. It smells wonderful and…

  • Furry Friend Gems SET
    Furry Friend Gems SET

    For on the leash, collar, or bridle: super sweet gemstones for your favorite four-legged friend! A beautiful gold-colored ring for easy attachment and a stunning polished gemstone.

    There are 4 variants:

    Agate: with these vibes,…

  • RCK Wish Bracelets
    RCK Wish Bracelets

    Wishes come true! These delicate bracelets are a daily reminder that anything is possible! There are 7 beautiful, different colors that nicely match with every outfit. And you know what's so fun? If the bracelet eventually breaks,…

  • HairPins Mini
    HairPins Mini

    Rock your HairStyle met Rockstyle!

    Beautiful gold-colored hairpins, also suitable for KIDS, adorned with gemstones: looks fantastic in the hair and enjoy the positive vibes of the gemstones!There are 5 variants:∙ Blue…

  • HairClips

    Rock your HairStyle with Rockstyle!

    Beautiful gold-colored clips adorned with gemstones: looks fantastic in your hair (but also great as a sort of brooch on a jacket or vest!) and enjoy the good vibes of the gemstones!

    There are…

  • RCK bracelets - 9 boxes
    RCK bracelets - 9 boxes

    The last RCK boxes with 2 bracelets!

    1x Rosequartz & Mix

    1x Labradorite & Jasper

    1x Granate & Jasper

    2x Prehnite & Dalmatian Jasper

    1x Jade & Unakite

    1x Amethyst & Sodalite

    1x Rock Crystal & Turquoise

    1x Aventurijn &…

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