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  • Quartz Geode
    Quartz Geode

    I am the beginning of beginnings: I am so pure that I give energy to everything and everyone around me. I feel what you need and give you what you need. With me around you will sense a feeling of balance, clearity and security.…

  • Mix, 35 pieces
    Mix, 35 pieces

    Laat je klanten heerlijk kiezen tussen 35 prachtige Rocks. Wij bieden deze mix van 35 stuks aan bestaande uit verschillende varianten. Het lijkt wel een snoeptrommel uit de natuur!

    Elke mix is weer anders, maar wij zorgen er…

  • Amethyst

    I am a purple beauty from Uruguay. Take me into your home and I will protect you. I will also claer your mind and make sure that you will have sweet dreams. My deep purple colour and beautiful crystalstructures are easy on the…

  • Rose Quartz
    Rose Quartz

    I am the Rock from the heart and love. Harmony and love I will give to the people who surround me. I stimulate your creavtivity and fantasy. Kids also love me. My soft pink colour and smooth texture will enchant you.I

    Rock your…

  • Pyrite

    Let my golden glow fill your life! Because of my golden looks I am often mistaken for realy gold, hence my nickname "fool's gold". I stimulate your focus and make you to be able to look into causes of situations. My name derived…

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